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6 Reasons Why You Should Be Planning A 2020 Trip To Egypt

A 2020 Trip

A 2020 Trip

Does your bucket list include visiting Egypt in 2020? Do you dream of seeing all of the pyramids, tombs, and temples in person? Or seeing King Tutankhamun’s death mask, enjoying traditional Egyptian food, or sailing down the Nile river? If so, this may well be your year. The following are 6 reasons why you should strongly consider one of our 2020 Egypt holidays.

1. Egypt Vacations Are Very Affordable

When it comes to travelling, one of the major concerns that people tend to have is how much it costs. Of course, that is an even bigger concern with destinations that are far away due to the increasing costs of airfare. However, after you break everything down, Egypt holidays are actually quite affordable and well-suited for all budget sizes.

Whether you are planning to go on a luxury Egyptian tour or attempting to see the country on a tight budget, you can find an Egyptian trip that will suit your budget. There are many different accommodation options that are available all throughout the country of Egypt. Even the most luxurious accommodations of all cost a fraction of what you would pay in places like New York City or Paris. This can be used to your advance and you can save even more money by taking a budget-friendly approach, or you can completely spoil yourself at a luxurious property at the same price than you would need to pay for a more mid-range option in a different location.

2. The Warm Climate in Egypt Makes It Perfect For Year-Round Travel

Do you love warm weather? If so, then you will really like Egypt. Although the winter does have cooler temperatures (the coldest areas can get down to 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit), that makes it a great time to explore the country’s temples and tombs without ending up dehydrated or overheated. If you are unable to visit during the winter, don’t worry. Although summer can be quite hot in Egypt, if you use a few simple tricks and tips you can still see all of the best of Egypt. If you take an Egyptian guided tour, one of the best things is that the guides are very knowledgeable and know how to help you maximise your time to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

3. Egypt is Rich in Fascinating History

There is so much that Egypt has to offer. One of the main reasons why so many people are attracted to the country is its rich history. Egypt has an amazing ancient history. For centuries, the world has been fascinated by it. It isn’t necessary to be a die-hard history buff to be in awe of the stories and tales you will hear on your trip to Egypt.

4. For A Once in a Lifetime Journey, Go On A Nile Cruise

How does sailing down the Nile River sound? On a beautiful ship with rooms with large windows and small balconies as well as a pool. You can watch the setting sun over the desert, and see local farms along the shores. You will have incredible views across the water and some of the finest cities and temples in Egypt. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

5. Egyptian Food is Absolutely Delicious

Thanks to its religion, geography, and history, Egyptian food is both delicious and quite varied. There are always plenty of vegetables to go along with the most popular meats of pigeon, rabbit, duck, and chicken. Lamb and beef are also available but are less common. On the coast, there is plenty of seafood and fresh fish options that are available.

6. Egypt is an Excellent Beach and Scuba Diving Destination

Egypt has three main beach cities: Dahab, Sharm el Sheikh, and Hurghada. The same activities are offered by all three of them, but they all have their own special vibe as well. Dahab has a boho laid back type of vibe while Sharm el Sheikh is an upscale resort city and Hurghada is a popular cruise port. You will have plenty of great beaches to enjoy as well as lots of opportunities for scuba diving, boating, and snorkeling, no matter which city you choose.

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