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Keeping the Koi Carp Fish

Keeping the Koi Carp Fish

The colorful varieties of Koi Carp fish are known for their aesthetic features. Kids, children, and adults – everyone loves Koi. Koi Carps are widely used around the globe for home decor, office decor, in restaurants, pre-nursery classrooms, and other workplaces. If you are a fan of keeping Koi Carp you would love to embellish your space using this sparkling product of nature. If so, you can give a try to several options from Koi carp for sale at a reasonable price range. The care instructions and important factors that play role in keeping Koi Carp are discussed in detail below:

Water for Koi Carp

Koi Carp is found in many vibrant shades with a gleaming appearance. It is not hard to keep Koi fish. One must possess a clean water tank or reservoir to keep Koi Carp. Aeration of water is one of the most significant factors to deserve your attention because Koi Carps are sensitive to it. Koi Carps need oxygen to survive and they consume it a bit faster. The concentration of Oxygen in water must be higher than 3 or 4 mg per liter. Therefore, you need to fasten a running waterfall connection or an air pump to maintain the Oxygen levels of water in which Koi fish are kept. pH levels should be maintained in the water where Koi lives because such fluctuations may prove detrimental to their health and survival. If Koi fish are placed in an open pond under the sky, rainwater would affect the chemical composition of the water in the pond. Avoid harms resulting from acid rain.

Food for Koi Carp

Food is not a problem when it comes to keeping Koi Carp at your place. Koi fish are generally Omnivores and you can feed them a variety of foods including fresh homemade food and packaged food available in the market for Koi fish. Grow some good aquatic plants near the Koi pond. Feed them for 5 minutes daily.

Koi Needs Your Care And Attention

Several fish are there that are kept for decoration purposes and do not want your attention. This is not what you will experience while dealing with Koi Carp as it seeks your care and attention regularly. Some varieties of Koi Fish are so human-friendly that they love to play with kids, give responses to their owners, and keep running to you to receive a lovely pat on their back. It is mandatory to give your pet Koi a portion of your time if you want to keep them healthy and happy.

Space Required For Koi Carp

The growth potential of Koi Carp is considerably high. It increases in size in a shorter period. If you buy a small Koi Carp and place it in an indoor aquarium, you will soon realize it needs a comparatively bigger tank or outdoor pond. This pond must contain over 50 gallons of water and its depth should be 3 feet minimum i.e; 6ft by 8ft. Koi fish do not love exposure to direct sunlight.

Cost Of Maintaining A Koi Pond

Keeping Koi fish in a pond is all about maintaining the cleanliness of water to which Koi Carps are responsive. It takes over $500 to clean the pond, change its water and filters, etc.


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