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Where to Find the Best Luxury Dog Accessories

Where to Find the Best Luxury Dog Accessories

Where to Find the Best Luxury Dog Accessories – luxury dog accessories

With more and more luxury dog accessories on the market, it is hard to find a place that carries the best to offer. We have rounded up a list of the best one-stop-shops for luxury dog accessories, from collars and leashes to dog toys, to sweaters, t-shirts, and jackets. 

finn + me

Finn + me offers a wide range of colors of dog leashes, dog collars, poop bag holders. All products are made of imported Italian leather and made by hand at a New York City factory. The quality is unparalleled to any dog product out there. The factory makes the collars, leashes, and Pooch Purses manufactures for many luxury handbag brands such as Derek Lam and Marc Jacobs. 

Saks Fifth Avenue

We all love Saks for clothes, shoes, and handbags. Now Saks is spoiling us with a gorgeous selection of dog accessories! From various brands of luxury leashes, luxury collars, and clothing Saks has curated an exquisite selection of accessories for our pets. 

Charlie & Me

Once a brick and mortar in Newport Beach, CA, this chic dog boutique have moved its business entirely online. Because Covid-19 forced the store to close, now their gorgeous selection is available to people nationwide, not just Orange County. The owner, Taylor, has curated the cutest selection of products. She carried many small brands not represented at the big stores. She has spent time curating a unique selection loved by pups and people alike!

Finn + me is a luxury dog accessories brand based in New York City. In 2018, the brand was founded by Rebecca Fadden, an experienced veteran of the NYC fashion industry. After noticing there were few quality luxury dog products in the market, Rebecca and her small labradoodle, Finn, set out to create a line of attainable luxury dog accessories. All leather leashes, collars, and Pooch Purses are handmade ethically in New York City from leather imported from Italy. All clothing is also ethically manufactured in NYC from the finest materials sourced globally. Finn + me has been featured in several high-profile media outlets, including Vogue and American Express, and sold at luxury boutiques and retailers, such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Anthropologie worldwide. 

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