4 Things To Do To Keep Your Dog Active And Healthy During Lockdown


With London entering a second lockdown, many people are dreading the thought of being stuck inside for yet another season. This is especially true for dog owners who need to find something fun for their pets to do either inside or outdoors in the garden area. Any dog behaviourist or dog trainer will tell you that the key to a happy pet, is to keep him active.

With That Being Said, We Are Going to Take a Look at Some Things That You Can Do to Keep Your Pet Active and Healthy During Lockdown. Let’s Get Started:

Play Find a Toy- it encourages self-discovery, problem-solving skills, and creativity. You need to allow your dog to freely explore the world. Start with his favourite toy and a couple empty boxes. Place the toy under a box and shuffle it around. Allow your dog to watch it and ask him to choose a box with the toy in it. Praise your dog warmly with treat if he flips over, nudges, or paws the box.

Follow The Nose- this training game helps your pup to improve his sense of smell and you can play this with a senior dog as well. Make a scent bag by putting something smelly, like a piece of canned meat, in an old, used sock. Create a smelly trail on the floor and hide the sock somewhere inside the house. Give your dog a treat if he finds the sock. Play this game just before the time to mop your floor.

Cognition Training- as you spend more time indoors, it is better to do some extra cognition training. Teach your dog to solve problems or puzzles. Tie a small rope or ribbon to a tasty treat and hide it under the rug. Tell your dog to investigate and make sure your dog tugs on the rope to get the treat. Invest in puzzle-type dog toys, which will keep your dog cognitively invigorated. These toys may help the problem-solving skills and teach your dog do specific tasks.

Teach Him New Tricks- there are many indoor tricks that you can teach like bark on command, roll over, shake hands, stand on hind legs and spin. You can also teach old dog a new trick. Despite the slow progress, this will keep your senior dog active physically and mentally.

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To learn more things to do to keep your dog active and healthy during lockdown, contact Dog Harmony today and speak to an expert dog trainer Manchester who can help train your dog to be easier to manage and a lot more fun.

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