Benefits of Hemp Oil for Horses

Hemp oil, which is also more commonly known as hemp seed oil comes from pressed hemp seeds. For centuries, hempseed oil has not been a stranger in taking care of horses.

It is used for the horses’ hooves to lessen the crack and prevent further damage in the event that the crack in the hooves gets infected. Another common usage for hemp oil is for the saddle, to prevent it from being stiff and uncomfortable for both the horse and the rider.

The relatively new to the field is the usage of hemp oil for horses’ nutrition. Studies have successfully shown that feeding horses with hemp oil nutrition can be beneficial and important for horses.

What are the benefits of hemp oil for horses?

In Canada, there are farms that sell hemp oil for horses in bulk. The market is extremely growing because of the benefits that it brings to horses. Here are some of what you can expect when you feed your horses with hemp oil nutrition.


Hemp oil has high protein that is suitable for a horse’s body.

Calm behavior

Horses that are fed with hemp oil tend to be less excited, they have a generally calmer behavior.

Body condition

The increase in horse’s’ body condition is significantly noticeable when fed with hemp oil.

Good for pregnancy

Pregnant horses can have a hard time delivering when they either eat too much or have little energy. Feeding pregnant horses with hemp oil reduces their appetite but keeps their energy levels normal.

Good for weaning

When foals are weaned from their parents, significant stress that can ultimately have a later effect can be expected. Horses fed with hemp oil, receives less stress when weaning.

Balanced heart rate

Hemp oil balances the horses’ heart rate, making sure they do not over exert themselves especially when exercising.

Power – weight ratio

A common problem of horses is the imbalance in their power to weight ratio, feeding them with hemp oil will balance both attributes.

Dietary fiber

Hemp seed gives horses the enough amount of dietary fiber to take care of its gut and internal well-being.

Complete nutrition

Hemp oil can provide horses with a complete nutrition. It has protein, Amino acids, essential Amino Acids, Omega 3 and other essential vitamins and minerals.

Hemp oil for horses Canada are benefiting horse breeders in Canada and all over the world. If you would like to provide your horse with a superfood that will give them everything they need, in addition to lessening joint pains and dull coats, then you should have hemp oil in your horse’s’ diet.

Article Summary

Using hemp oil is great for those who have horses as this oil comes with many benefits. Your horses will become calm, balance in their power to ratio, and their heart rate will be balanced. By hemp oil, horses will have high protein, Amino acids, and Omega 3. Overall, your horses will have nutrition which is good for them.


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