Can Dogs Eat Tofu

Can Dogs Eat Tofu

Giving your pet dog something to eat other than the meat can be a controversial question to ask oneself. And in this controversial debate of what to give your dog to eat and what not to, one may ask several questions related to a dog’s diet. Which food is beneficial and which is not?

In these several questions, there comes an oft-repeating one as well which is, ‘Can dogs eat Tofu?’, ‘Is Tofu beneficial for their health?’, ‘Are there any harms of giving Tofu to the dogs?’.

Well to answer these questions of yours, we will be exploring both the side-effects as well as the advantages of giving Tofu to the dogs as a food.

But first, let us see, what Tofu actually is?

What is Tofu?

Tofu is also known as a bean curd which is usually prepared by coagulating soy milk. It is mainly considered a Chinese dish. However, it is popular worldwide as well. Tofu comes with many varieties in it.

People who prefer vegetables over meat, use Tofu as an alternative of meat as well. And this is hugely popular amongst the vegetarians.

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Is Tofu Beneficial for Dogs?

Well, before we discuss whether Tofu is beneficial for dogs or not, let us first explore the nutrients that a Tofu contains.

Tofu contains the following nutrients in it:

  • Protein
  • Manganese
  • Calcium
  • Copper
  • Selenium
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Phosphorus

This is how Tofu is made up of.

Now, the big question is if it is beneficial for the dogs or not?

The answer to it is that giving it occasionally to your dog is fine. However, giving it as a substitute of their regular food is a complete no-no.

Tofu is good as a replacement if your dog has allergy from certain foods. However, in other cases, it is highly discouraged not to give it as a regular meal.

The reason is simple, it is not natural. However, is it completely harmful? Then it is not true either. Because Tofu can be given to dogs in certain portions. Since, dogs are naturally inclined towards eating meat, hence they should be given the food of their liking then.

Benefits of Tofu

Before we go on to discussing the harms of Tofu, let’s discuss the benefits of it first.

Tofu is Be2neficial for Dogs’ Liver

Dogs who experience liver problems and cannot eat meat much then for such, Tofu is the best alternative. As Tofu is a meat alternative food because it contains protein as well.

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Dogs’ Having Bladder Stone Issues Should Eat Tofu

Dogs who are prone to developing the bladder stones then Tofu is a good treat for them since it contains purine in it.

Since, Soy or Tofu has low protein in it as compared to the protein of animal then it is a good alternative and best for dogs with bladder stone issues.

Harms of Tofu

Whilst Tofu can be beneficial for dogs having live or bladder stone issues, however, it is harmful for the dogs who have no diseases otherwise.

Eating Tofu can make such dogs stomach gassy which is also known as Gastric Dilatation Volvulus disease.

Hence, it is not highly recommended for regular meals.

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