Dealing With Food Waste At Home

Food Waste

The wastage of food is a growing trend that has caused panic in most countries of the world. While some regions have fewer food wastes, some others seem to have it in bulk. It has been asserted that nearly one-third of foods produces globally is wasted for different reasons. Something can be done about this growing phenomenon before it becomes a threat to the availability of food and to the environment itself.

What is Food Waste?

It’s essential to break down the concept; “Food Waste” to understand all there is to it and the solutions to fix it.

Food waste is excessive discarding or throwing away foods. While many of these are attributed to the homes, the grocery stores also have a hand in it. The wasting of food in such a manner leads to over 40% loss of foods, which is about 1.3 billion tons per year.

How to Deal with Food Waste

All hands must be on deck towards the drive to dealing with food waste. Otherwise, we might all wake up someday to discover that “there’s nothing more to eat.” That’s the sad reality. So, if we must still consume sufficient foods, then the ideas below would help you in playing a part in the regulation of food waste.

Food Waste

Don’t Buy More than You Need

There’s no denying that food is cheaper in some regions. Also, many homeowners and shoppers tend to buy more than they need so that they wouldn’t visit the grocery store often.

One of the rules of thumb is to draw up a list of the items and foods you would need for a specific timeframe. When you run out of supply, you can always make frequent trips to the grocery store to re-stock.

Get Reusable Produce Bags

Have you realized that the packaging of foods has some roles to play in their wastage? It might interest you to know that most of the items on the shelves of grocery stores have been there for some days or weeks. They have also been transported for some days as well. So, their longevity tends to be on the decline. Also, most of the foods are packaged in plastics, which tend to reduce their lifespan.

It’s on that note that shoppers are advised to use reusable shopping bags, such as the one from Simplyecostore. That empowers them to reduce the hassles that come with plastic packaging. Above all, the purchased foods would be able to last longer, because they’ve been taken off the conventional plastic packaging.

Preserve Food

Some perishable foods like tomatoes can be preserved. You can ferment, pickle, or freeze such foods to protect them. That way, you would be helping in the reduction of food waste.

Food Waste

Deal with Food Waste

The global food waste reduction is a collective effort that everybody must participate. Shoppers should, as a matter of urgency, start adopting the use of reusable bags, which are not only convenient for shopping but also boost the longevity of foods enclosed in them. The movement is already on, and you may want to take part in it by kicking off with the ideas we just shared.

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