How To Trim Your Cats Nails

Cats are favorite pets for many people. It is important to keep the nails of your car trimmed often because it keeps your cats from breaking or splitting. Trimming the nails of cat is not as daunting as you think when you know the exact procedure. If you do not have a proper idea about nail trimming, you can read this article which shares you some simple tips to trim the cats nail without pain.

Prepare your pet

Most of the cats are skittish about nail trimming, so you can help them to prepare for it.   You can wait for an exact time when cats are lounging and relaxing.   When you handle the paws of your pets, you can get the scoop and reward it with certain treats as well as praise to aids in building the positive associations. Once the pet is comfortable enough for letting you place your hand on paws without any disturbance, you can hold their paw in the open hand. You can gently massage the fingers over both bottoms and tops of every paw you decide to trim.

Use suitable tools

It is highly advised to ensure that you have all the required tools before setting to trim the cat’s nail.You need an excellent pair of durable nail clippers crafted for clipping the cat claws.  They come in numerous styles, so you can choose the right one carefully. You can try to choose the clippers which are sharp and also sniping straight through cat’s claw. There are two different styles of tools available that includes guillotine clippers and scissor clippers.

Understanding the working of clippers

When it comes to scissor clippers, it can cut the nails by using the scissor motion. It commonly comes in large and small sizes. On the other hand, guillotine clippers have a sliding blade which cuts the nail while you properly squeeze its handles together. If your clippers are very shape, your pets never feel quick clip. The clippers never stay sharp for a long time, so you can discard them once you feel that the blades go dull.

Importance of styptic pencil

You can try to have a suitable styptic pencil with you. It is helpful especially when you, unfortunately, cut the quick of your cat. You can easily find out these styptic pencils in various pharmacies and other stores in Philly. They have the capability to cauterize the blood vessels while touched to the cat’s nail and aids in preventing the bleeding process. During this situation, you can also get the scoop and give a treat to your pets.

Get help from others

If you face any challenges while handling your cat, you can get help from other people. It is important to choose an individual your pet trusts and knows. You can ensure that your helper the pet. You can try to let the helper brush your cat. It will surely distract your cat from the reality that your pets are getting their nail trimmed. If you do not have enough time to trim the cat’s nail, you can opt for Vetter.

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