Important Factors That Can Affect Dog Training


Figure 1 Effective dog training will ensure that your dog is happier and healthier.

Every new dog owner experiences bad behaviour from their new puppy. While normal, it is something that should be addressed at an early age to prevent much worse behavioural issues as the dog grows older. This is where a residential dog training Manchester expert can help. By providing the training, tips and methods that new dog owners need, a professional dog trainer can make training your dog easier than ever!

Even though every breed of dog is different and can have very different personality traits, choosing the best residential dog training has available and starting your dog in a dog training course is important.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some common factors that can have an affect on your dog’s training:

4 Important Factors That Can Affect Dog Training

Intelligence- some dog breeds are smarter than others and that can have an effect on how easily they are to train. Still, through repetition and positive reinforcement, just about any dog can be trained properly.

Ancestry- ancestors of modern dogs were wild and certain dog breeds were domesticated earlier. This gives them an advantage when it comes to training. years of domestication has almost eliminated many of the unwanted traits of wild dogs, yet, some of their key instincts remain. Regardless of your dog’s breed, it will not behave like an obedient pet, if it isn’t trained properly.

Language- dogs understand a wide range of physical and verbal commands and many of these commands are used during their training. However, both dog trainers and owners need to be consistent in the words and gestures they use so as not to confuse the dog, slowing down their progress.

Structure- effective dog training at any age is all about having a structured dog training course. Dog owners need to set a goal and communicate that goal with their dog trainer if they want to see their desired results. Residential dog training  is a good investment and it will make caring for your pet, regardless of the breed, easier and a lot more manageable.

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