7 Ingenious Gift Ideas for the Cigar Lovers in Your Life

Cigar Lovers

For cigar lovers, lighting a cigar and smoking it gives them a satisfying and relaxing experience. They follow the associated ritual and enjoy the taste of the cigar they smoke. By following the associated rituals, they celebrate what they attain and get rid of stress if they have.

Whether you smoke or not, you might have cigar lovers in your life. And when it comes to presenting gifts to such people in your life, most of you face difficulties in selecting the most appropriate presents for them. It happens to you, as you think that the cigar lovers whom you know would have all the basic accessories, apart from cigars. Here are a few ingenious gift ideas for your cigar aficionados:

A Cigar Travel Case

Do your cigar aficionados love to be on the tour most of the time and enjoy smoking while being on the vacation? If yes, presenting a stylish, but classic Cigar Travel Case will be an excellent gift for them. These cigar travel cases come in several different sizes and styles, along with basic features. Even a small case can hold four cigars in a closed compartment. These cases have compartments to hold a cigar cutter, lighter, or matches. Some of them can hold travel papers, IDs, and credit/debit cards. Choose the best one as per the needs and tastes of your cigar aficionados.

A Cigar Tasting Notebook

One of the cigar lovers in your life might be an avid smoker. Such people love to taste different types of cigars and smoking pipes such as Peterson Pipes and note down the taste they experience and share the same with their friends. A classic, but stylish Cigar Tasting Notebook is an excellent present for such people. These notebooks are booklets that could let them have a record of cigar types and flavors whenever they smoke a different cigar.

Cigar Lovers

Cigar Samplers

Cigar Sample Packs will be an excellent present for your cigar aficionados if they love enjoying cigars of different brands, tastes, and flavors. In such a pack, you can include the branded cigars your close one love to enjoy. Try to shop a sample pack of imported/non-native cigars that are not easily available in your local market. You can include a few cigarillos that look like cigarettes, but taste as the cigars. They are smaller than a cigar.

Cigar Ashtrays

Cigar Lovers

Most of you think that every cigar smoker would have a cigar ashtray and so you avoid thinking to present it to a cigar virtuoso in your life. You are right at your end. Keep in mind that an ashtray gets blurred, burned, dirty, and old after sometimes. A fresh and attractive ashtray will be a valuable present for them from you. In your purchase, you can go for a personalized ashtray for your close one.

Cigar Lovers

Odor Eliminators

Cigar Lovers

You know all the members of a cigar aficionado don’t smoke, and some of them have an allergy from cigar smell. Such people have to get rid of such smell before coming to their family members. To help your cigar virtuoso escape such a thing, you can present an extensive array of products as gifts that can help them to make their smoking pleasant for them and their family members.  Think of shopping sprays and candles that help get rid of bad air after smoking. These eliminators are available in a wide range of luscious scents.

A Midnight Cigar Gift Set

Cigar Lovers

A cigar aficionado is different from others. Some of them get ready to smoke, whether it is morning, evening, or even midnight. Whether they have all the cigar accessories or not, a cigar gift set will bring a smile on your close one’s face. This wooden set has every essential thing –  cigars, a lighter, a cutter, a flask, and a carrying case – that cigar lovers need to smoke their favorite cigars.

Whiskey Glasses

Cigar Lovers

Some cigar virtuosos love drinking whiskey while smoking their favorite cigars or pipes. Maybe your close one might break their whiskey glasses or they might have gotten old. You can think of buying and presenting a good set of whiskey glasses to complete their smoking set.


You can easily select and present a valuable gift to a cigar lover in your life. For this, avoid thinking what they could have or couldn’t have and choose the one that could complete their smoking set and help them enjoy their smoking.

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