Tips to Get Your Dog to Behave in Public


A well-mannered dog is loved by everyone. When out in public, your dog is like a representative for the canine world. If he lunges, jumps or barks at strangers, then it is intimidating and unpleasant for others. On the other hand, a well-behaved dog that greets everyone nicely and sits politely is always a pleasure to meet.

Getting your dog to behave well in public won’t happen overnight. Some obedience training, persistence and patience are what you would need. Whether you have a puppy or an old dog, the reward-based training method works almost every time. Follow these simple tips to make your life easier when you step out with your dog next time in public.

Walking Along and Not Surging Ahead

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No Jumping

Dogs jump when they excited about something or simply when they see another human. But jumping in public can’t become a habit. When you come home, and the dog jumps up, ignore him and walk in a different direction. Allow him to calm down and get on all four paws on the floor, only then acknowledge him and make a fuss. Do this for a few days till your dog understands that jumping means no fuss/love while sitting and standing means all the fuss he wants!

Sit on Command

Use a treat for this. Simply hold a treat in your hand and once you have your dog’s attention, raise the treat in the air above his head. This will make his head go up with his butt down on the floor. When this happens, say “sit” in a firm but friendly voice and reward your dog with a treat. Continue to practice this until he understands what sit means, and then you can start phasing out the treat.

Handy Reward Bag

Keep a handy bag filled with bite-sized treats ready when training or stepping out with your dog in public the first few times. This will help you to grab his attention and calm him down if at all your dog gets excited or misbehaves.

First Time in Public

When taking your dog out on the town for the first time, choose a pet-friendly place and keep it short. Slowly exposing them to new things ensures that you can focus on the training and get him used to the new surroundings.

Ensure your training sessions are fun & rewarding, this will keep your dog happy and waiting for the next session! However, if you ever have issues training your dog, you can always consider residential dog training. It’s like sending an unruly pooch off for training and getting a well-behaved and obedient dog in return. So in case the above tips are not successful then do check out the options available for residential dog training Liverpool!

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