9 Different Mini Doodle Breeds

9 Different Mini Doodle Breeds

A dog adds much to the house, from the security purpose to creating a friendly environment the house. The number of dog lovers is increasing with every passing day, but not all of them can keep a large dog. Are you facing the same problem? Don’t worry; we got your back.

I also faced the same problem until I saw the mini doodle in my friend’s farmhouse. I was there to spend my holidays, and the doodle doubled the fun. The dog was friendly, loving, and very easygoing. Before returning, I decided to get a mini doodle for my house.

In this article, we are going to tell you all about mini doodles and the 9 different breeds. Stay with us.

1. Mini Goldendoodle

A mini doodle is bred by mixing miniature poodles with purebreds. The first breed in the mini doodles is the mini Goldendoodle. It is a mix between a doodle and a Golden Retriever.

There are two sizes of mini Goldendoodles; one is standard size, and the other is mini. The demand for mini doodles is increasing exponentially due to their fun-loving nature and beauty. The weight of a mini Goldendoodle is between 15-30 pounds.

As you already know about the mini doodles’ friendly nature, mini Goldendoodles love socializing. Take your mini Goldendoodle out, and he will socialize with other dogs and people, even if they are strangers.

Mini Goldendoodle can be a good choice even if you are allergic to fur because they don’t shed much.

2. Mini Aussiedoodle

It is a mixture of a mini poodle with an Australian Shepherd. Mini Aussiedoodle has the characteristics of both breeds and weights between 20-30 pounds.

To keep a Mini Aussiedoodle, you need to give proper time and attention to your pet; otherwise, they can get bored. The reason is that the breed is full of energy and want to enjoy with their parent.

One good way is to engage your pet in the daily exercise, which will help your dog exert. Mini Aussiedoodle is very easygoing and easily adjusts to the new place.

3. Mini Springerdoodle

Mini Springerdoodle is born when a Springer Spaniel is crossed with a miniature poodle. The physique of these dogs is trim, including a height of 10-15 inches and a weight between 5-25 pounds.

Mini Springerdoodle is a mini doodle breed full of energy, and regular exercise, outings, and walking are required to satisfy the energy. Training is essential for every breed, but it is compulsory to train Mini Springerdoodle.

They have excellent hunting skills despite their small size. We recommend you train your pet early, so they get good manners and skills.

4. Mini Cavapoo

The fourth breed we will tell you about is Mini Cavapoo. The parents of the mini doodle are Poodle and Cavalier. You will get two in one with this breed. Mini Cavapoo can be both; a lap dog and a hunter.

Mini cavapoo inherits most of the characteristics from Cavalier, which is why you need to take extra care of the dog. The Mini Doodle requires special care and attention from their parent as they are exposed to dangerous health conditions.

If you are feeling down, Mini Cavapoo can help you lighten your mood as the breed is affectionate and calm. Moreover, they are very easygoing and can engage themselves with other pets and people.

5. Teacup Maltipoo

Teacup Maltipoo is born due to the crossing of Maltese and mini poodle. The breed is tiny in size and inherits the qualities of both parents.

Teacup Maltipoo is a gorgeous dog because of its fluffy white coat. The beauty combined with the breed’s loving nature makes them a perfect pet.

The dog is small in size, so you need to take extra care of your health. They are very calm and composed in nature.

6. Mini Labradoodle

Mini Labradoodle is famous among pet lovers as it inherits the particular breeds’ characteristics. The social nature is due to the parent Labrador Retriever, whereas the activeness is due to the breed Toy poodle.

The Mini Labradoodle comes in three colors; black, yellow, and chocolate. The word mini-shows that the size of the pet is 13-16 inches, and the weight is between 15-25 pounds.

One thing to remember is the health problem due to parent Labrador. The dog is prone to some health issues, so try to feed them healthy food and take care of the dog.

7. Mini Jackapoo

The dog is born due to crossing Jack Russell Terrier and Toy Poodle. Mini Jackapoo is a special dog as it inherits the toy poodle’s intelligence and Jack Russell’s activeness.

It is essential to train the pet in the early stages; otherwise, they can cause discomfort for your family members and the outsiders because of their aggressiveness. The breed is used explicitly for hunting, so if you plan to get one for your home, make sure to exert the breed.

Make sure you socialize your dog to get comfortable around other dogs. Mini Jackapoo can cause discomfort for other animals as the breed barks loud.

8. Mini Sheepadoodle

The name and the look of Mini Sheepadoodle are like a sheep. The breed is developed by crossing Old Sheepdog with Mini Poodle. The size is around 15-20 in height, and the weight is 30-35 pounds.

Mini Sheepadoodle comes in white color, and sometimes with the grey shade. Despite the silky, strong coat, the shedding is still not an issue. All you have to do is regularly brush the coat.

When added with the social, loving, intelligent nature, the beauty makes Mini Sheepadoodle a perfect addition to the family. The coat is so soft that you would love to hug the dog whenever you see him.

9. Bolonoodle

When you cross Bolognese Dog with a Mini Poodle, Bolonoodle is the result. The breed possesses high intellect and agility, so you must go the extra mile to involve them in physical and mental activities.

It is very light in weight, 5-10 pounds, and very small in height, 10-12 inches. These characteristics make them a perfect pet to keep in your home.

If your family has kids, prefer Bolonoodle as the pet can engage in fun activities with the kids.

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