A Step-by-Step Guide in the Pigeon Breeding Process

A Step-by-Step Guide in the Pigeon Breeding Process

The breeding season of pigeons can come as often as the whole year. The only requirement for pigeon breeding to take place is a conducive climate. Some breeding habits of these animals become infrequent during the winter season. Below are the other steps in the pigeon breeding process:

Improve Living Environments

Housing your pigeons in a safe loft will make the animals feel secure and comfortable. Avoid putting your pigeons in a loft primarily made of chicken wire. For the predators could be easily attracted by these birds. Putting your pigeons in this kind of loft is a culprit for cats and other predators to see through the cages and try to catch pigeons. Those predators see through them can cause pigeons to be uncomfortable and disturb their laying and breeding practices.

The pigeons will not be in ecstasy and happy mating if they can’t concentrate while going through the breeding process. Not being happy while mating may impose detrimental impacts on the ways bodily systems of pigeons work while mating. Such effects may cause the pigeons not to breed successfully. Having said these things, pigeons must get privacy while they’re mating to succeed in breeding.

Disturbing external elements can make pigeons uncomfortable and unable to concentrate on mating. So, the loft where pigeons live needs to have protective shields from winds and other harsh outdoor elements. The nesting materials where pigeons lay while breeding is comfortable, bringing positive emotions to the animals. If the animals experience these emotions, they’ll tend to lay down on the nesting materials more often to breed. Tobacco stalks are anti-parasitic. So, they’re among the high-quality nesting materials available for pigeons’ lofts.


Give Pigeons Healthy Foods 

Healthy foods make your pigeons strong and have the strength to mate. Additionally, nutritious foods are the sources for pigeons to lay eggs in healthy conditions. Among the popularly known healthy pigeon foods are bird-seed mixes, specifically made for the consumption of the said animals. Sprouted seeds also make good supplementary dietary additions for pigeons.

Give Time and Opportunity for Pigeons to Pair Up 


Like human beings, pigeons only love to mate with partners they know well and have gotten to like. You can’t expect these animals to breed out of the blue without having the opportunity to develop a fondness for one another.

To be successful in pairing pigeons, provide living spaces to the animals with great intimate ambiances. Intimate living environments entice pigeons to get into passionate moods. Taking the time to like each other can take pigeons a day, a week, or maximum, a month. It’s highly advisable to let a male and a female pigeon live alone in one cage to pair up successfully quicker. Living with other pigeons tends to distract couple pigeons and their mating experiences.

Aim for Pigeons to Lay Eggs Quicker 

Once you’ve reached the point that your pigeons have been enticed to mate, your goal is to make them mate frequently. Breeding frequently is the key to having pigeons swiftly lay eggs. When pigeons lay eggs quickly, the number of eggs they produce tends to be more significant.

Most pigeons can lay a maximum of 24 eggs per year. But female pigeons usually lay eggs that are less than this number. On average, pigeons lay one to three eggs per cycle. If pigeons have not mated, they typically produce only one egg. Pigeons that mate usually generate two and, at times, three eggs. However, laying four eggs is a rare but possible incident.

Female pigeons crouch down while the male pigeons mount and fertilize them. Copulation takes place when this process commences. Copulation takes about two seconds.

Final Takeaway

Pigeon breeding is a process that you can follow step-by-step to achieve successful mating and hatching. Provide your pigeons with a comfortable and private loft, give them healthy foods, allow them to pair up, and use quality pigeon supplies to give your pigeons the best chance to lay eggs in ideal conditions and produce healthy young.

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