Why You Should Leash Train Your Cat

Why You Should Leash Train Your Cat

Cats are creatures that like to be in control and do whatever they want on their own terms. They are usually not big fans of being contained or controlled, so attempting to leash train your cat may not have crossed your mind. But with patience, a cat can get used to being in a harness and leash. Cats may even really enjoy the experience!

And obviously, the absolute best time to train a cat is when the cat is still young. That shouldn’t stop you though from trying to train an adult cat to enjoy walking on a leash. But you may be wondering why you would want to train your cat to walk on a leash? Below, The Refined Feline gives 5 reasons to consider leash training your cat.

#1 Leash Training Can Strengthen You & Your Cat’s Bond

Ever wish your indoor cat could come outside and join your daily walk? Once a cat is trained it totally can, and it can be a really positive experience for both of you. Some cats will be glued to the window all day, watching all of the activity. They will then typically enjoy going out and exploring their surroundings and getting some fresh air.

Keep in mind that you should approach leash training differently with your cat as compared to walking a dog. The process will definitely take longer with a cat as this is a whole new experience. You will want to get your cat comfortable with a cat harness indoors before ever taking them outside. Don’t use any harnesses for small dogs, but ensure you’re using equipment specifically for cats. When you do eventually venture outside, make sure to choose a quiet and calm environment, and remember not to stray too far from home.

#2 Your Cat Will Get More Fresh Air

Like most cat parents, you keep your cat inside to keep them safe from the many threats of outdoor life. But you may also wonder if your cat wants to explore the great outdoors. While yourd cat can certainly be happy 100% indoors, especially with cat wall shelves, exposing your cat to nature can be valuable! A cat can get their daily dose of nature in a safe and controlled manner when he or she is leash trained. It can also get you outside more, which is always a good thing. Leash training your cat is the safest way to really give an indoor cat the best of both worlds.

#3 Leash Training is Helpful If You Travel With Your Cat

If you travel frequently and bring along your cat, leash training will make your lives easier and safer. Traveling by plane, you’ll most likely have to take your cat out of the carrier at security. Having your cat in a leash and harness is much safer as he or she can get scared. It’s also invaluable and much safer if you have to drive across the country. Whenever you’re in a new environment with kitty in tow, having your cat adjusted to being on a leash is safer. Cats can be easily distracted or frightened and are more likely to hide or bolt at any moment. Having them secure in a harness and leash is always a good idea to control them and keep them safe.

How to Walk Your Cat on a Leash SafelyPreventive Vet

#4 Leash Training Will Enrich Your Cat’s Life

Dogs love going for multiple walks as it gives them an opportunity to smell new things and explore new territory. Walking also stimulates them mentally while giving them a chance to release extra energy. This can also apply for your cat too. Why should dogs have all the fun outdoors? Many cats would love the opportunity to go outside, and when you leash train them, the sky’s the limit!

#5 Leash Training Your Cat Is Great For Smaller Spaces

Cats certainly get the zoomies, and could benefit from having extra space to run around, especially if they’re in an apartment! Rather than getting a larger apartment, leash training your cat allows you to take them around the grounds for exercise. Whether you live somewhere that doesn’t have a fenced-in area or catio, leash training your cat gives you much more flexibility!

Be Careful When Leash Training Your Cat

Always be vigilant and cautious when taking your cat outside on a leash, especially the first few times. It’s best to stick to a backyard or small private area where you won’t encounter any loud noises or distractions. If you wander to a busier area you could encounter dogs, and they may not be cat friendly. Ideally, you should also bring a cat backpack with you in case your cat starts to get nervous. When walking a cat on a leash, being responsible and safe will be your best tools.

Is Your Cat Ready To Be Leash Trained?

Is your cat ready to fully start leash training and venturing outdoors? Dogs have been walked by their owners for ages. Now it’s time for the feline population to share in the fun if they so wish. Leash training can unleash the adventurous nature of your indoor cat and keep them healthy, happy, and stimulated.

Before you take your indoor cat outdoors, make sure they are up-to-date on vaccines and have updated identification tags on. You should also have your cat microchipped just to be on the safe side. Once you and your cat are suited up and ready, enjoy walking and exploring with your cat!

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