Dog Bed for Humans: A Complete Guide

Dog Bed for Humans: A Complete Guide

Have you ever watched your dog snooze happily in his bed and felt a little envious? Wash those feelings of jealousy aside, my friends soon you’ll be able to sleep in your very own human-sized dog bed. Two university students in Vancouver, have created Plufl, a dog bed for people. Currently available for pre-order, the successful campaign is trending on social media and has already raised nearly $300,000. That can only mean one thing people really need to take a nap.

What is a Human Dog Bed?

That’s exactly what it sounds like Plus dog bed for human are made from a 4-inch thick memory foam mattress. They include a plush pillow made from a soft blend of natural cotton and poly Dog Bed for Humans: A Complete Guidefibres and are large enough for two adults to take a nap at all.

Covered in luxurious faux fur, this human sized dog bed measures 68 inches by 38 inches and weighs around 20 pounds. But don’t let the size fool you. Despite their generous dimensions, Plufl dog beds are easy to transport thanks to the built-in handles and folding construction.

Where can you Buy a Bed for a Person?

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Can’t wait to get your paws on a human bed? neither can we. Unfortunately, Plufl giant dog beds for humans are only available for pre-order at this time and are not expected to arrive until January 2023.

On the other hand, these human sized dog beds, which will retail for $499, are currently on sale for $399 in honour of the brand’s upcoming appearance on Shark Tank. Be wary of any human dog beds listed on any third-party retail websites; the brand warns that this is most likely a scam or fraud and cannot guarantee quality or delivery.

A Furry Human Dog Bed?

If all your dog really wants is to snuggle up next to you, chances are you’ll end up with Fido’s hair on your new Plufl. For quick and easy hair removal, you can run through one of these best pet hair vacuums every night. Plus, if these human size dog bed start to smell or have an accident, the faux fur cover is anti-microbial and easy to clean in the washing machine. Once you’ve washed it, you can hang the cover to dry or toss it in the dryer on the low drum setting. Then just put the cover back on and you can relax.

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