Effective Training Methods for Golden Doodle Dogs

Effective Training Methods for Golden Doodle Dogs

A golden doodle dog is a crossbreed of Golden Retriever and Poodle, which is bred mostly as companion dogs. Large-scale breeding of Golden doodles started in the 90’s in the US and Australia. It’s seen as an alternative to the Labradoodle. A proper breeding results in a Golden doodle that’s healthier than its parent’s breeds and with less genetic issues. If you are a true puppy lover you can buy the cutest doodle puppy from FouFou Puppies. Although often marketed as being non-shedding or hypoallergenic, Golden doodles still shed hair, but in less quantities than other breeds. New owners of Golden doodle puppies should immediately start a training program to ensure obedience and good quality of life.

Here Are Some Effective Training Methods to Choose:

Clicker- clicker training is important for teaching your puppy to obey commands. You need a device that makes clicking noises as cues. It is easier to teach him how to stay, fetch, and sit with a clicker. Clicking noises can be paired with rewards to make training more effective. This method is considered successful if your puppy follows command and associate clicking noises with rewards. The puppy should get mostly verbal praises and touches as rewards, other than toys and treats.

Treats- treats are the best rewards that your puppy can get but should be given only if he is obedient and shows consistent results. Just like every other breed, you shouldn’t overly motivate your Golden doodle dog with treats. Owners should take full advantage of their dog’s innate desire for food to ensure good training results.

Scents- teaching your Goldendoodle to fetch balls, seek out toys, and do other tasks can be much easier with scented items. Doodle breeds are mostly food-driven, so you can scent certain objects with your puppy’s favourite food. Over time, well-trained dogs will respond well to scented items.

Praise- dogs are emotional creatures and praise can make them happy. Well-trained dogs are socially-oriented and their interaction with their owner is crucial. Instead of relying only on treats and toys, your puppy should be rewarded mostly with praises. Each time your dog obeys commands, you can praise him. Use treats only occasionally when your puppy does something impressive.

Crate- crate training is amazingly effective and it’s an interesting approach to training your Golden doodle puppy. This technique works well to get your puppy in a routine. Your puppy will continue sleeping at the same place and this sets a pattern to your dog’s daily habits. During non-crate time, you can teach your puppy to do various basic commands, like sit and fetch.

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