How To Be A Better Pet Parent

How To Be A Better Pet Parent

Deciding to share your home with a pet can be such a fulfilling experience for many people. But how do you know for sure that your pet feels the same about you? Well, simply by following the tips we’ve provided below, you’ll soon be well on your way to becoming a great pet parent as you and your furry little four-legged fuzzball settle into your new life together.

Regular Exercise

Just like us humans, physical activity is just as important for both cats and dogs so they can burn off the food they consume. Not only do all pets need to exercise regularly in order to stay physically fit, stimulate them mentally, and prevent any possible health issues, but it’s also a fun way for you to create a bond with your pet. 

Taking your dog for a walk or playing with your cat each day will also release any pent-up energy so they’re less likely to get bored and start acting up. Remember too that active pets will live longer on average, so get their blood flowing, their mind working, and keep them healthy.

Bathing and Grooming

While some pets will try to keep themselves pretty clean, most will still need to be groomed occasionally. That means trimming nails with pet clippers as well as using a metal comb or brush made specifically for grooming pets whenever they get matting or knots in their fur. 

If you want to learn how to do it properly, there are some excellent pet grooming courses available too. Many dog breeds will especially need a bath whenever they get dirty or once every few months. When bathing dirty pets, use species and breed-specific pet shampoo and a small amount of warm water. 

If your dog or cat has been scratching away at themselves, you can also use a special shampoo to remove unwanted fleas and ticks. You should always give your little guy a treat as soon as the grooming session is over, especially animals which are unused to water.

Visit the Vet

You should take your pet to see the vet at least once a year because regular check-ups are the most effective way to ensure they are healthy. Pets also need to be vaccinated regularly against certain diseases. 

While some shots are required, other vaccinations are highly recommended for your pets’ long-term health. It’s also a good idea to get your pet spayed and neutered. Taking them for a wellness check is a good idea because the vet is trained to know what’s wrong, whereas it’s difficult for you to know for sure because they can’t talk. 

So call your vet any time you notice any uncharacteristic symptoms, such as seeming lethargic, not eating anything, or feeling overly warm.

Healthy Diet

Approximately half of all dogs and cats are either overweight or obese and, just like us, there are many health risks involved. Excess weight is a leading cause of pet diabetes and is also linked to cancer, and heart disease. So look after the health of your pet by feeding them high-quality pet food, give them portions weighed on a kitchen scale, and avoid giving them excessive amounts of treats. 

For your pet’s better health, sometimes you need to say no to those puppy dog eyes. Your vet can make dietary suggestions for your pet based on age, species, size, weight, and lifestyle. 

Keeping your pet at a healthy weight with a regular, healthy, and portion-controlled diet is an effective way of managing their weight and preventing any weight-related health issues. It can essentially add many years to their lives.

Love and Attention

If you want to be a great pet parent, you should spend as much time with them as possible whenever you can. Everyone’s lives get busy sometimes, with some days that become so stressful we just forget to notice our pets need some love and attention from us. This is a waste, considering that pets are the best stress reliever in the world as they can often understand our moods much more than we realize. 

So whether you throw them a ball or give them a great big belly rub for a few minutes, invest in a snuggly cat cave or some toys, or just make some time each day to give your pet just a little bit of love. Just give them some attention so your pet always feels like you love them.

Whether this is your first time as a pet parent, or you’re a seasoned pet professional, simply follow the tips above to ensure you’re giving your pet the very best home possible. It’s super important that your newest furry family member is surrounded by feelings of love and happiness as they settle into their new life with you.

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