What Are the Importance of Dog Naps?

What Are the Importance of Dog Naps?

Just like humans, dogs are living beings too! Then why do we expect them to stay energetic all day? We do feel tired and sleepy and so do our pets and dogs. It is not a surprising fact that dogs sleep way more than we humans since all we see our dogs doing all day is sleep. Just like humans need sleep of 7-9 hours a day for a healthy state of mind and physique, a dog, on the other hand, needs 12-14 hours of sleep. If we talk about puppies, they need to have a sleep routine of about 17-20 hours a day. You can also get more precise and deep knowledge about particulars of your dog’s well-being. The importance of dog naps are mentioned below:

Sleep Cycle:

Just like us humans, dogs go through a sleep cycle including rapid eye movement (REM). This stage is experienced when their mind is active but the body is relaxed.  During this, their brain processes daily experiences to bring out their meaning and sense. They filter and store the information they are supposed to remember in their brains.


Just like us, dogs get tired and unwell too. Even if their illness is not as serious but their body needs to repair itself. If a dog is sleep deprived, there are a lot of chances for it to have a weakened immune system and hence, is more prone to a serious sickness.

Sleeping Behavior:

The REM sleep cycle which goes on during your dog’s nap can bring out certain gestures from your dog in its sleep. The whimpering, fast breathing, and howling you hear are all signs of your dog being in his REM sleep cycle. Let them feel safe and have a good sleep.

Comfortable Environment:

Giving your dog enough pleasure of roaming at your home instead of the streets is not enough. Try to comfort every dog as much as possible. Make a comfortable space for your dog, just buying a soft little pillow can work. Let them dream beautifully and comfortably. Make your friends understand the importance of dog sleep and ask to promote #SleepForDogs


How you treat your dog is very important. If you make your dog feel at home, treat him with respect and not just keep kicking it away, it will feel safe. Make them feel like you are their family. This will give them mental peace and they will be sleeping with a peaceful mind feeling safe, restoring all the activities they have done.

Know your Dog:

Know when does your dog mainly sleeps, know where does it like to be the most, and make him feel at home in that particular place. Comfort them and give them a fresh and healthy meal every day. This way, they will not only have good sleep but will also have a disease-free life.

A lot of us have seen people abuse their dogs when they poop somewhere in the house, to prevent this, train your dog professionally and give it all your love!

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