Introducing A New Golden Retriever Puppy Into Your Home


Bringing new Golden Retriever puppies into your home is typically an exciting experience for the entire family. That is, unless you already have a dog, then it can become quite an interesting experience. Golden Retriever puppies are very friendly and very curious dogs that typically play well with other dogs and children, even cats. Still, other dogs, especially older ones will often show aggression whenever a new dog is introduced into the home. We have to remember that dogs are incredibly territorial animals and they can become defensive when bringing home new Golden Retriever puppies.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some effective ways to introduce a new Golden Retriever pup into your home:

Give Each Dog A Neutral Zone- if your dog is more territorial than average, you should create a neutral zone where both dogs can become familiar with each other. Older dogs and Golden Retriever puppies will find that this method works well for both of them.

Observe Larger Dogs- your Golden Retriever pups might have a difficult time defending themselves against a much larger, more aggressive older dog. To prevent any harm, you should always observe larger dogs when they are around your new Golden Retriever pups. You can distract larger dogs to minimise their aggressive behaviour.

Socialise New Dogs- you should socialise your Golden Retriever puppies with your older dog to ensure that they become familiar with each other and begin to create a bond. Try taking them for walks together and play games with them as a family and you will see them quickly become good friends.

Give Them Space- every dog needs their own personal space. It can be a corner of a room, the laundry room, their kennel, or any area that is dedicated to just them. When dogs have to share that space, they can become aggressive. Give each dog their own personal space as well as their own toys, blankets, beds, and food bowls.

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