Introducing A Pup To Your Adult Dog In The Right Way


As a pet owner, the biggest joy for you is adopting a new puppy. You might have some apprehensions about introducing it to your older dog. A highly trained, dog trainer Preston can help you with the introduction. That does not mean you cannot introduce the puppy by yourself. Remember, all the dog training Preston you have done so far will not have prepared it for the puppy.

You have to take certain precautions before you introduce the puppy to your older dog.

Steps To Take Before The Introduction

Dogs are territorial, and there steps you can take to prevent such aggression. First, you must ensure that both dogs have separate spaces in the house. In addition to that, it would be wise to ensure that the favourite toys and chews of the older dog are locked away. These steps would ensure that the dogs don’t get into a territorial fight. Also, it would be wise to ensure that the dogs are vaccinated.

The Introduction

The older dog is already accustomed to your house and considers it to be its territory. So it would be better for the older dog to meet the puppy on a neutral ground. During the meeting, remember to keep the dogs on a leash. Hold the leash of the older dog while another person holds the leash of the puppy. The dogs will start sniffing each other. This is the way dogs get to know each other.

The best thing to do is to remain calm during the introduction. Your older dog will respond directly to your level of tension. You can further help the situation by not holding the leash too tightly.

After The Puppy Enters Your House

For the first few weeks after the puppy enters your house, you monitor the behaviour of the dogs. This will allow you to gauge the comfort levels between the dogs. Remember to follow the routine for the old dog while establishing a routine for the puppy. Make sure you have the necessary structure needed for both.

A very young puppy would not be able to understand the body language of the older dog. So you monitor for signs of discomfort on the older dog’s body.

The older dog can show his discomfort through these signs:

  • Snarling at the puppy
  • Hunched back
  • Having raised hair either on the neck or back or both
  • Displaying teeth
  • Growling at the puppy
  • Giving prolonged stares at the puppy

Things Needed For Co-Existence

You are close to the dogs, and there are certain things you must do to ensure co-existence. First, you must get separate things for the dogs. This includes:

  • Crates
  • Feeding areas
  • Feeding dishes
  • Chews and toys

Remember to spend quality time with the dogs. Under no circumstance must you allow the older dog to bully the puppy or get into a fight with it.

These things are a part of the dog training Preston for the dogs. In case you have some clarifications, you can seek the help of a qualified dog trainer Preston.

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