What You Must To Know About Keeping Goldfish

Many people out there just simply love goldfish; they look exquisite and cute. With that stated, tey are also very much sensitive and could even die from anything such as poor water quality, over feeding and even stress which perhaps be brought about by overcrowding and poor temperatures. Caring for them is therefore crucial and it is vital that you get to know about some of the vita tips on how to make sure that you have a happy and healthy goldfish.

The very first thing you need to know here is that goldfish spend very little time on the water surface. If you pay close attention, you will certainly realize that when it is at the surface it is perhaps gasping for air and this is basically an indication that the water does not have adequate oxygen. One of the most crucial aspects you can do is choose its home wisely.

Bowl Or Aquarium?

Most people keep goldfish in aquariums and bowls. On the other hand, you need to know that goldfish get to die more in bowls than in the aquariums or even ponds. This is mainly due to poor water quality. Bowls are tiny and do not provide them with enough oxygen. A goldfish requires around 10 gallons of water and this merely goes to show you that you perhaps have to change your setting to an aquarium. If you have decorations in there, these should not take too much of space. One-quarter of the red sea aquarium is sufficient for decorations so as to provide three-quarters of open space for the fish. Without sufficient space, their growth stunts and scientists believe that this happens to be a very painful experience for them. Browse through puregoldfish.com for more details.

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Water Quality

When it is about keeping good quality of water, small water changes are just not the best. It is better that you make frequent and big water changes of around 50 percent per week. If you do not have a good filtration system, then 80 percent water change at least is recommended. You must never exceed this level until and unless you are dealing with an emergency.

Water Temperature

The water temperature certainly matters a lot and even though goldfish do not necessarily requires heating, rapid temperature changes can actually kill them. Make sure you maintain a steady temperature. Such fish do not do well in extreme temperatures and chances are quite high that they will go into hibernation mode with temperatures under 54F.

Although goldfish start out very tiny, they grow to become big and you will have to make sure that they have sufficient space to thrive. With proper care, you could see it survive for more than 10 years.

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