Zyrtec For Dogs

Zyrtec is a drug which has been used to treat different types of skin related allergies, while this antihistamine is marketed for humans but can be used for dogs. Zyrtec can equally benefit to the dog if they are suffering from several allergies, that’s why the term Zyrtec for dogs is quite popular and many people believed that this drug is only made for dogs. You can give a recommended amount of Zyrtec to the dog if you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • Itching, causing due to insect bite
  • Temporary allergies like seasonal allergy
  • All types of skin allergies symptoms
  • Other itchy allergies like situation
  • Runny noses and watery eyes.

If you decided to use Zyrtec for dogs, and then make sure that it is Zyrtec only not Zyrtec-D because it contains dangerous ingredients which can be toxic for your dog.

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What is the recommended dosage of Zyrtec for dogs?

For better recommendation of Zyrtec dosage for dogs, you should contact your vet because he can tell you exactly that how much mg of Zyrtec can treat your dog’s allergy. Other than this, the generally recommended amount of Zyrtec for dogs is:

  • 1 tablet daily if your dog’s total weight is over 10 lbs. The tablet should not be more than 10mg
  • 1/2 tablet daily if your dog’s total weight is less than 10 lbs. The tablet should not be more than 10mg.

In the case of overdosage, contact with your dog’s doctor as soon as possible as it could be caused by many side effects and make the allergy worse and painful for your dogs. If your dog is pregnant or has any other medical conditional then do not give Zyrtec to your dog without the permission of your veterinarian.

When did Zyrtec start working for dogs?

Generally, Zyrtec start working within 30 minutes but this time can be less or more than 30 minutes, which depends on the age, size, gender, and weight of the dogs.

When Is Zyrtec Not Safe For Dogs?

As mentioned above, Zyrtec should not be given to the pregnant dogs and those who are suffering from any medical condition. Other than this, Zyrtec cannot be given the following dogs:

  • Dogs suffering from liver or kidney problems
  • During dog’s pregnancy without permission of vet
  • Nursing because Zyrtec can be passed through milk
  • Dogs who are Hypersensitive from antihistamines.

Is Zyrtec Safe For Use In Dogs?

The short answer to this question is “YES” that’s why Zyrtec is being sold for dogs since many years. The reason which makes Zyrtec safe for dogs is its ingredients. It is now considered a generic drug to treat dog allergies like the human. According to research, the dog has been shown well tolerated toward Zyrtec.

What are side effects of Zyrtec on dogs?

There are some common and rare side effects of Zyrtec which has been reported by their owners but these side effects are not for all dogs.

The most common side effect include salivation and vomiting which get treated automatically where in rare case your dog may feel heavy sedation. The heavy sedation usually occurs when you overdosage Zyrtec to your dog. In this case, you should contact your vet.

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