Roles and Responsibilities of Animal Control in Lubbock

Roles and Responsibilities of Animal Control in Lubbock

Animal Control is a premier organization in the USA that investigates and cares for domestic animals such as cats and dogs. It also educates people about animal laws to ensure the safety of such animals The main roles and responsibilities of Animal Control professionals include patrolling service areas, working in shelters, and responding to public calls. The professions are liable to animal safety and therefore, their jobs can lead them to courtrooms if animal laws are violated. Anyone looking to contact animal control Lubbock TX should know some vital aspects of the organization and its professionals so that the person is aware of how they function. Here are some roles and responsibilities explained.

How Many Pets Are Allowed per Owner?

The pet owners in Lubbock can explore the official website of Lubbock animal services to find relevant information about animal care. The website also includes some rules and regulations for Lubbock citizens to provide care for animals. One of the most common questions people have is how many pets are allowed in a household. The City of Lubbock Animal Services permits a house to have up to 4 dogs and 4 dogs. It is the maximum limit of owning animals according to the City of Lubbock Animal Services. Any different combination like 6 dogs and 2 cats is not allowed. If anyone has a neighbor who owns more than this number can call the organization to inform. The main purpose of this rule is to ensure a safe home for all animals, to eliminate abuse or neglect, and to reduce the overall animal population in the city. The growing population of domestic animals is one of the recurring issues in Lubbock.

What is Animal Control?

Animal Control is an organization that enforces local and regional laws related to the treatment and care of animals. The organization finds distressed animals to provide shelter to them. It also works with citizens to address animal care issues. Some officers of the organization may also educate people about animal control safety. While some Animal Control organizations provide care to only domestic animals, some may care for wild animals too. Animal Control also provides temporary shelter to pets.

What are the Main Responsibilities?

Some Major responsibilities of Animal Care are to feed, water, and give individual attention to animals. Some people often call the organization when they see an injured animal on the road. By attending their calls, a professional arrives at the spot and rescues the animal. It is the responsibility of the professional to determine the injury and provide treatment by consulting a doctor. If the animal shows signs of abuse, the professional collects evidence from witnesses and seeks legal justice.

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The workplace of an animal control professional may vary depending upon the organization. For the organizations providing animal control in Lubbock TX, the workplace may be an apartment or an office. Sometimes the workplaces are vehicles such as trucks or vans, where the professionals provide temporary shelter to animals. The Animal Control organizations that look after wild animals often send their professionals to national parks to rescue animals. In case of animal abuse, a professional may have to appear in court to seek legal justice.

Roles and Responsibilities of Animal Control in Lubbock, Texas:

  • Rescuing Pets of Disabled or Seniors: Animal Control also works to rescue the pets of senior citizens and disabled people who no longer can take care of their pets. Giving up the responsibility of a pet is one of the hardest decisions one can make. Fortunately, Animal Care organizations can help those people to make sure the pets are still living in a safe space. By contacting Animal Control, the individuals can call an officer. As the officer arrives at the door, the person picks up the animal and brings it to an animal control facility. The officer may also help the owner to find a new home for the animal. This is how the animal control Lubbock TXworks in helping pet owners.
  • Investing Abuses and Cruelty to Animals: Animal Control can take the responsibility of investing in a case of animal cruelty, abuse, or neglect. If anyone reports a sign of animal cruelty, the professionals arrive at the spot, investigate the case, and make sure that the animal gets to safety. Animals are no lesser than human beings to get the proper justice in cases of abuse or neglect. Keeping this in mind, Animal Control organizations work relentlessly to ensure a safe and secure space for animals.
  • Responding to Noise or Bite: The incidences of dog bites and noise are common in Lubbock and any other city. Animal Control plays a huge role in helping the citizens. If an animal bites a person or the person’s near ones, calling Animal Control makes the best decision. The officers usually respond to such calls, arrive at the spot immediately, and get those aggressive animals under control. The officers also investigate the incident and find the best solutions. A person can also contact the organization when a neighbor’s pet is making excessive noise. To help individuals, the organization makes sure that the parents of those animals take initiative to train them.
  • Finding Lost Animals: Animal Control usually responds to callers, who are trying to find lost animals. As the professionals of the organization travel across the city to provide shelters to animals, they can find lost animals, rescue them from the spot, and send them to their parents. Animal Control professionals also find stray animals who carry dangerous diseases and fleas to cure them.


Animal Control plays a huge role in providing care to animals, both domestic and wild. This organization can be regional or local, depending upon the founder members and their service areas. The organization has specific rules and responsibilities for pet owners. One can contact Animal Control to ensure animal safety. Only one living in Lubbock, Texas can contact the animal control Lubbock TX to get proper help in rescuing or finding an animal.

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