Who Else Wants To Know The 5 Benefits Of Being A Cat Owner?

Cats are pets that require less attention at home. In most cases, we keep cats just to keep our homes lively. Rarely do we take into consideration the benefits of these feline friends. So what are the 5 benefits of being a cat owner?

Are these benefits likely to be enjoyed by every cat owner or they are just applicable to specific breeds of cats?  Are these benefits scientifically proven? It has been proven that these creatures are of much benefit to humans than imagined.

So whenever you are out there looking for a cat, know that you are likely to enjoy mutual relationship at home.

What are the 5 benefits of being a cat owner?

Here are some of the benefits you are likely to enjoy as a cat owner. If you are reading this article and you do not have a cat, get yourself one. I bet you do not want to miss on any of these.

1.      Therapeutic benefits.


Have you ever wondered why the cat is probably your most trusted friend? Have you ever once in your life found yourself trying to talk to the cat out of the love you have for her? After a busy and stressful day in the office, it is always important that you first look for your feline friend once you get home.

The cat’s calming effect releases a hormone known as oxytocin that induces trust and love. Share your feelings and thoughts with the cat. However much she won’t respond to you, believe me, you will get relieved.

Unlike fellow humans who will judge you based on whatever you are going through, cats won’t subject you to further judgment. Do you have children who have autism? Have them pet the cat as often as possible as this reduces on anxiety making them stay calm.

Say bye to anxiety and stress by simply petting the cat. It is one of the 5 benefits of being a cat owner that can never be wished away that easily.

2.      Health benefits


Cats often release fur and dander while at home. These products are known to cause allergy. But before that happens, the body has to resist such temptations. The immune system will adjust to resist the allergens, therefore, reducing the risks of asthma and allergies.

The relaxing and calming effect associated with cats also lowers the blood pressure. Talking to your cat is very much important. Do not expect a response though. It is also necessary to note that if you do not own a cat, then you are at a 30 to 40% risk of experiencing a heart attack.

Nothing is as important as your health. It comes first to any other thing. To me, this is my best of the 5 benefits of being a cat owner.

3.      Increased sociability



The conversation that you often have with your cat at home builds your confidence. You are therefore more likely to approach and have a chat with as many people as possible. This boosts your social life.

Most ladies get attracted to men who own cats. Do you know why? Simply because it suggests to being caring, intelligence and sensitivity. Get a cat and bid farewell to single life. The lady you have been admiring will be right there. What are you still waiting for?

Having a cat that can improve your social life is very important. This is another one of the 5 benefits of being a cat owner.

4.      Environmental benefits


It is very important always to have a safe and clean environment. Carbon is known to affect the environment in a very negative way. Pets that consume less food their entire lifetime, such as cats, help in reducing on the carbon footprint.

The foods cats eat, which are mainly fish and not beef or corn-flavored products, have low carbon contents. Consider owning a cat to other pets if you wish to live in an eco-friendly environment.

5.      Warning against dangers


Generally, cats are known to be aloof and less caring for their owners. There are however instances that the cat can save your life when you never expected. Leaking taps and gas pipes might be dangerous if not handled in good time.

These can sometimes happen when you are fast asleep. The only way to notice these mishaps at such times is through the warning sounds that the cat makes. This is also another one of the 5 benefits of being a cat owner.


Cats are beneficial to humans as shown above. Consider owning one to enjoy the wide range of benefits. Why should you be left out while others are enjoying all these? The 5 benefits of being a cat owner, as shown above, apply to both all members of the family; children and adults alike.


Have you found the article interesting? Do you have any comments or questions to ask? Contact me through the comment box whenever you feel like with any queries or suggestions.

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