Steps To Groom Your Dog At Home

Taking care of your dog is not easy at all. You have to give constant attention to wash your dog regularly, clean his ears and eyes properly and taking acre of his dental hygiene. If you ignore these tasks your dog may end up getting ill which is definitely not what you want. Therefore grooming your dog is extremely important.

Grooming your dog can be done at home you just have to know what to do and how to do it. So I am compiling a few steps that you can perform at home to groom your dog. You can also visit dog walker insurance for all dog related issues and grooming problems.

Steps to Groom Your Dog at Home:

Before you grab your dog and start grooming him step by step make sure that you have all the necessary items at home that can help you do the task easily. You are going to need a shampoo, ear cleaning and eye cleaning solution hair and nail trimmers, mouth cleaning tools, brush and towel, etc. Below are listed the steps that you can follow to groom your dog at home:

  1. Step 1: Brush Your Dog

The first step of grooming your dog is brushing his hair properly. Untangle all the knotted hairs before giving him a bath as the hairs will get more frizzy and hard to brush after getting wet. Make sure to use the best and most suitable brush for your dog to brush his coat properly. You can make use of an undercoat rake for dogs having long hair or a curry brush for dogs with shorter hair.

  1. Step 2: Cut Matted Hair

The next step is to cut the matted hair of the coat. If the matted hair are hard to brush and is not untangling easily you can use a hair trimmer to cut it away to make the fur smooth. Do not cut away large sections of your dog hair.

  1. Step 3: Clean Dog’s Eyes

The third step is cleaning your dog’s eyes to remove any debris in the corners. You can use eye cleaning solutions to remove tear stains from his fur easily.

  1. Step 4: Clean Ears

Ear wax are hard to remove so you have to use an ear cleaning tonic on a cotton slab and rub it gently in the ears to clean it. If you find any irritation or swelling, go to a veterinarian instantly.

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