GB News Takes Aim at Elon Musk’s Twitter Tweaks

GB News Takes Aim at Elon Musk’s Twitter Tweaks

GB News, the opinion-focused British broadcaster, has been a vocal critic of recent changes on Twitter since Elon Musk’s takeover. Their coverage leans heavily on the idea that free speech is under attack, particularly focusing on:

  • Musk’s U-turn on the verification system: GB News highlights the confusion caused by the introduction and then retraction of a paid verification system. They see this as evidence of Musk’s impulsiveness and a lack of clear direction for the platform.
  • Content moderation concerns: GB News frequently criticizes Twitter’s moderation policies, suggesting they silence conservative voices. Stories about “shadowbanning” and “cancelling” often find their way onto the GB News website.
  • Advertising boycotts: There have been reports of advertisers pulling back from GB News. The channel seems to suggest this is due to pressure from “left-wing” groups, mirroring a claim recently made by Musk himself.

It’s important to note that GB News itself has been accused of bias and Islamophobia

Whether GB News’s criticism of Twitter reflects a genuine concern for free speech or a strategic attempt to position themselves as the voice of the silenced is a matter of opinion.

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